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Q-Fever Vaccinations

Where to get Q Fever Screening & Vaccinations in Mackay

Dr Steven Whiting and Dr Peyman Zanganeh provide Q-Fever screening and vaccinations at Be Work Fit on Fridays. To book an appointment, you can fill out our contact form or call us on (07) 4848 1133.

What is Q Fever?

Q Fever is an infection usually developed after inhaling contaminated dust or aerosol particles or after consuming meat or dairy infected products. In a large number of cases, it doesn’t present any symptoms and when it does, it is similar to the flu (nausea, fever, diarrhoea, fatigue and so on). Prevention involves vaccinations for those at risk, especially those working as farmers, in abattoirs, transporting life stock, working with wild animals or veterinarians or other animal related connections.

Q Fever prevention

The Q Fever virus, C. Burnetii, can persist over years in air, soil, water and even fabrics or materials, so a strict washing routine of hands and arms after handling animals is essential for those working with cattle, sheep or goats.

Best measure of prevention is vaccination, highly recommended for those at risk, if they are eligible. Before vaccination, all candidates must have a serum antibody estimation and a skin, that’s why two appointments are necessary in order to get vaccinated.

Q Fever Vaccination appointments in Mackay

Appointment 1 – Pre Vaccination screening

To avoid the risk of a severe reaction the vaccine should only be given to those who have not been in contact with the bacteria in the past. Pre-vaccination screening has 3 stages:

- an interview with your doctor about Q fever infection or past vaccination

- blood test to check for immunity.

- skin test to check for immunity.

It is possible to have been in contact with Q fever bacteria and not get sick so pre-vaccination screening is essential.

Both tests are needed as they are looking for different types of immunity and need to be performed on the same day

At your first consultation, your GP will give you a skin test. There will be a skin test fee, and a consultation fee. You will then be required to go to a pathology lab for an antibody blood test.

Appointment 2

Once your blood test results are back from the lab (approximately one week later) you will need a follow up appointment with your GP
Your blood and skin test results will determine if you are eligible to have the vaccine.

To avoid the risk of severe reaction the vaccine should only be given to those who are negative on both tests.

Please talk to reception for vaccine Q Fever Screening and Vaccination costs at Be Work Fit in Mackay.

After Hours

We do not offer after hours appointments. After hours assistance is available the Emergency Department at the Mackay Base Public Hospital. There is also the Mater Emergency After Hours Service located on Willets Road, North Mackay. This is a walk-in service only and fees apply.

In a medical emergency, please call 000 and ask for an ambulance.